Six Sigma - Black Belt Training Course/ Certification:

Since a key role for Six Sigma Black Belts is to effectively lead project teams, our program prepares your participants to do just that.
The Improsys's Six Sigma Black Belt Program gives your participants the skills and knowledge they need for the exceptional leadership of business improvement projects.
Upon completing each segment of training, participants immediately apply concepts and tools taught in training to their real-time improvement projects.
Black belts are experts groomed in the Six Sigma Methodology and advanced statistical tools.
They can come from all functions of your organization. Although participants do not need to be statisticians, they need to be willing to use statistical tools to apply Six Sigma Black Belt participants learn to use the DMAIC model for process improvement and statistical tools and techniques to make fact-based decisions.
In Six Sigma, the concept of quality encompasses manufacturing, commercial and other service functions of an organization because all these functions directly or indirectly affect products/service quality & customer satisfaction.


Our approach to developing Six Sigma Green Belts is based on an Action Learning Model. This model combines online instruction with real-time project implementation and training. The course-training syllabus of six sigma is based under the guidelines of Quality Council of India (QCI).
The training is delivered through online as well as classroom training.

Course Fees :

The Course Fees for Online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course is as follows:
1. Admission Fee : Rs 0.00/-
2. Tuition Fee per Session: Rs. 5000/-only
3. Exam & Certification Fee: Rs 5000 /-only.

Course Duration :

The program can be completed during the period of minimum 1 month depending on
1. Participant's Learning curve,
2. Qualifying in Examination

Payment Mode :

1. By Electronic Fund Transfer.
2. By Demand Draft / Cheque.
3. By Credit Cards Visit.

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