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   Improsys, A-29, Jai Ganesh Vision, A wing, Ground floor, Akurdi,  Pune-411035, Maharashtra, India.

Contact:     Mobile:8055985986 / 7720022233   

Improvement in Cash flow:

Improsys Improves your cash flow using following Methodologies:

* Defining Key concern areas at strategic level
* Data Collection across relevant functional area.
* Data analysis by product line, customers, suppliers etc.
* Identification of Non value added costs.
* Assessment of costs by cross functional team.
* Application of Lean Thinking, Value analysis and TRIZ.
* Design and Optimising solutions/Systems.
* Practice of systems across the organisation.
* Verification of Expected output.


Improvement in Productivity:

Our Approches is towards Productivity improvement.

* Industrial Engineering.     * Value Analysis
* Standardization              * Technology
* Skill Improvement           * Plant Layout.
* Material Handling            * Training
* Subcontracting              *  Ergonomics
* Process planning            * Operation Research
* System Analysis             * Information Technology
* Web Based ERP              * e-Commerce
* Plant Maintenance          * Industrial Psychology etc.

Improvement in Quality:

DMAIC methodology from Six Sigma Concepts is applied for breakthrough improvements in Quality Issues involved in your business process/products.

* A multi-functional team of marketing, design, product line/program. customer contact and other key product/service personnel examine customer and business needs.
* Key Customer requirements such as quality, delivery and functional performance are ranked.
* The process is mapped and quality issues are examined..
* Brainstorming is used to resolve quality issues, eliminate non-value added activities and reduce cycle times.
* Action plans are developed for high priority recommendations


Improve on time Delivery:

Focus on logistics is the key for moving ahead in competition. We ensure the improvement in customer satisfaction on account of-

* Right Product 
* Right Time
* Right Place.
* Right Quantity
* Right Condition.

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