Customer Relationship Management software from Improsys :

What is CRM ?

CRM software allows a company to measure and control contacts with customers either by phone, fax, mail or e-mail. The CRM will track and record every interaction with a customer, describing the customer's purchase, interest or demand. It gives you collective data of the service requests, order entry, satisfaction and billing. You can easily analyze the data a collected from customers. One can easily measure the performance of the business using CRM.

Why CRM ?

CRM is essential for below reasons in your company.
It's difficult to share customer information in a team environment.
Tracking leads more efficiently is important to your company.
Lost Revenue due to incorrect or losing potential sales opportunities.
To find out which of your customers are the most profitable.
Your staff have lost or can't easily find valuable customer information.
Your company needs to respond faster to enquiries.
Its difficult to profile and target customers for marketing campaigns.
You have very little real-time accurate information and data.
Finding it hard to develop your sales team.
You find it time consuming to analyse the accuracy of sales team data.
Unable to confidently predict cash flow or manufacturing requirements.
It takes a lot of effort to produce key management reports.
There is not a single, overall view of all customer.