Mass/Email/ Newsletter Software

Email Marketing is the most effective tool you can use as a small and medium sized business owner to not only compete but also surpass big business!

Improsys Provides you Mass/Email marketing software which allows you to manage your contact lists, create, personalize, send targeted emails and track and analyze the results - so you can reach people faster, more regularly and effectively. All this at a very low cost .

Features of Mass Email Management System:

1. The system is very easy to use. Just one click of the button and your message is instantly sent to the full database of recipients present in the list you selected.
2. Send messages in HTML Format. You have the option to send messages with pictures, templates, font colors, or anything else you can imagine. However, if you still wish to send in plain text format, not a problem, we also support it.
3. Save your messages for future mailings. No need to save your message on your own computer, we supply that service for you. Each time you login your message will be ready to go exactly as you saved it.
4. Absolutely no bouncing emails back to your email box. All emails are delivered directly to the recipient�s inbox. If any receiving party bounces your mail that recipient is removed from list so that in future mails are not send to the bounced Mail ID.
5. All email messages go out directly from our web based server.
6. Best of all you will be able to crush your competition with respect to your competitors. So want to make sales without spending an arm and a leg? You just found it.

Newsletter Software:

Sending Newsletters is another successful way of E-marketing. In its simple meaning, a newsletter is a form of advertising that is sent periodically. It is a regularly distributed publication that is mostly about one main topic, and is of interest to its subscribers. Newsletters are delivered via email. Newsletters are normally used by owners of the websites to communicate and advertise themselves to their readers or subscribers.

Some other advantages of having a newsletter system are:

1. Newsletters help you to promote your business. Basically a newsletter motivates customers to buy from you.
2. A general newsletter contains articles and an appropriate vision and mission of the business. This information helps customers to understand your business.
3. Newsletters are an effective communication tool. Creative newsletters can be appreciated by the clients and hence increase the communication between businesses and clients.
4. As mentioned above, a newsletter is a cost effective tool, but it can be used as a source of income by putting advertisements in it.


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