The transition from campus to the corporate world is often not an easy job. Students enter this phase with millions of dreams and expectations from their parents, families and loved ones. It is a platform where careers are crafted and is an extremely challenging stage of one�s life which needs attention, focus and commitment.
We at Improsys- Institutional Learning Services are proud to introduce a training program which ensures all round development of a student. The program is aimed at the overall skills development of students with a view to build individuals who are sought by corporate India.
Improsys offers wide range of training programs. Such as,
Six Sigma Black Belt.
Six Sigma Yellow Belt.
Six Sigma Green Belt.

Improsys also offers Corporate Training as per the need of Industry.
Since our services are human resource oriented, we need to work with a proper plan to get the best. There are prescribed set of procedures that we follow right from training people to delivering the services and their further evaluation and improvements. Training and development of the employees is well taken care of to enhance employee skills.
The training is delivered through online classroom. Highlights of training programs are-
Access to the self-paced online material anytime from any location
Students complete the program 100% online.
High quality online tutorials/notes for each topic
Online Multimedia Audio/ Video Classroom trainings
Chatting facility for online discussions on project issues for each topic
Discussion forums for offline discussions on project issues for each topic
Online practice exams and quizzes for each topic
Online and offline assignments for understanding practical aspects of six-sigma implementation.
Training Certification upon completion of online examination.

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