Improsys succesfully particiapted in the Asia Warehousing Show held in BITEC, Bangkok on 27th, 28th and 29th March 2019. Improsys received an overwhelming response during the trade fair as visitors from Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, India, Germany, Singapore etc. were quite interested in the showcased Warehouse Management and ERP Software. Improsys attracted visitors from an array of industry segments notably from Foods and Beverage, Chemical, Cold Storage, Automation and Textile Industries. Representatives of various MNC organizations such as Honda, Toyota, Tesco, C.P. Foods, Ion Exchange visited Improsys and were intrigued by the products and the services offered. Hope we build Improsys as a trustworthy global brand for International clients with high standards of product quality and customer support.

Please note that during the trade show Improsys has been exposed to upcoming technologies like Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Pnuematic Material Handling Solutions, Vehicle Tracking IoT devices, RFID solutions and Smart packaging materials. Improsys is committed to provide latest technology solutions integrated with IoT, Vision systems, AR/VR solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Intelligence solutions to improve our existing client's competitiveness in global logistic and supply chain market.We are pleased to inform you that Improsys team has started working on integration of Vehicle tracking IoT devices with exisitng warehouse management software solution. We hope within next coming copule of weeks this solutions will be available for updgrade. Here are few of the solutions will be helpful for warehousing.